With an affinity of new school spirit and his finger placed comfortably on the pulse of modern Dance music, Mac Monroe is truly making his own luck within the great club resurgence. Capturing the attention of Roger Sanchez and Toolroom Records alike, the self made producer turned label head looks to conquer the mindset that there is no room for revolution in an overcrowded industry.

Fostered on exuberance of the Belgian underground club circuit, Mac’s debut residency at “La Mezzanine” would spark a sturdy string of regular spots at some of the country’s most prestigious nightspots. With all this experience mounting behind the decks, it was not long before his yearning for a sound as characteristic as the content of his sets would stir him to make the daunting transition from turntablist to aspiring Dance producer. But as the successive signings to Housepital Records would suggest, the exuberance of his live sets transferred seamlessly with him into the studio. Between the uplifting values of “Herky Jerky” and more recent vocal stylings of “Strike It Up Again” alongside Terri B, Mac’s graceful blend of melodic peak time moments and raw Electro energy translate into a certain wake up call to the abundance of young contenders stuck in a mindset of repetition. Add the Tech infused “Roll With You” EP, supported by Thomas Gold and Dave Spoon to name a few, and it is evident that Mac’s approach remains as all-embracing as it does powerfully persuasive.

Armed with the further bow that is Victauril Records, Mac’s debut label endeavour, the imprint looks to build upon the new school ascendancy of his own impending legacy alongside a firm roster of likeminded talents from across the globe. Already accompanied by a firm hand of debut breakthroughs and Mac’s own sterling productions, it is fair to say that the label is one to watch on the horizon with a keen eye. As his gleaming presence on NRJ Radio for his Extravadance show would suggest, there are firm industry wings to the sound of Mac Monroe.

There is no shortage of clichés committed to up-and-coming House artists. With Mac Monroe, however, the seething talent and untarnished lust for industrious progress that has ornamented his career thus far allows for the bold speculation that in the grand scale of things, Belgian’s blue-eyed breakthrough has a long and prosperous road ahead of him.

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